Old 4th Distillery

Come take a tour at Atlanta’s first legal distillery since the temperance movement kicked them all out of Atlanta in 1907. While you won’t taste any bourbon, you’re sure to be impressed by their one-of-a-kind Lawn Dart made with their cane sugar vodka, lemon peel, and cold-pressed ginger juice.

Old Fourth Distillery was started by childhood friends who decided to open Atlanta’s first distillery since 1906, taking a neighborhood centric sustainable approach to creating the finest spirits available at any price. We use sustainable non-GMO sugar cane to make our vodka, using less energy and creating zero waste. Old 4th distillery’s only byproduct is pure, distilled water. Our cane sugar base and hands on approach creates a naturally gluten free vodka with a soft, round mouthfeel and a subtle caramelized sugar aroma.

Our Southern Dry Gin is vapor infused with only the finest fresh botanicals.

Every bottle of O4D is made by hand in our 1100 square foot distillery in the Old Fourth Ward. Three people create the fermentations, do the distillations, bottle, and package every drop of our signature vodka and gin. We use a custom, handmade CARL copper still.

Text and Photos from Old 4th Distillery’s website

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487 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312




(844) 653-3687


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